Looking for a gaming community

I’ve been in several communities and have a lot of experience in running communities and I’m looking for a new gaming community but I ask THAT IF POSSIBLE I WANT A LEADERSHIP POSITION BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT IM DOING AND LET ME PROVE MYSELF TO YOU BY GIVING ME A SHOT and here are communities I’ve helped in leadership roles FTG,KSI Global,KSI United,DMG I’ve been a head council member ,founder,general etc many times because I love making things or setting stuff up to see people have fun idk why but I always need responsibilities or I honestly get bored but I play halo MCC,destiny,GTA v but I’m looking for a gaming community in halo MCC

Stop by vVv if you are interested. We are just starting up a Halo division. I can’t promise a leadership position but with your experience I know we would benefit from your inputs. website is vvv-gaming.com