Looking for a fun clan?

Hey im in a clan called LGC (legacy gaming central). We are a fun community who have game nights almost every night and tournaments every Saturday for prizes such as ms points. All you need to have is a mic, be at least 16, and be willing to have a-lot and I mean a-lot of fun. If you are interested in joining this awesome community we have then you can either message me on here or you can message me on live. My gamertag is PRsniperXx117. If you don’t wanna join and your just looking for someone to play some halo 4 that is okay to message me. peace and i look forward to playing with you on halo.

Make sure to go here next time you want to recruit people. Also, this will be moved there soon, so do not repost it there.

that is my bad new to the forums thank you for pointing that out.

> that is my bad new to the forums thank you for pointing that out.

No worries. Also, welcome to the Waypoint forums.

I moved your thread to the right section. Welcome to Waypoint!

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Clan SKAG will destroy all the clans. Fun for your clan means ruining the fun for everyone else.


Let him. You sound pretty much like you are attacking him and his clan and you are in no right to do that.