Looking for a fun and chill "Clan?"

Hello, Spartans.

I am dakiowa117 (everyone calls me Dakota), and I am the leader of the Camo Spartans Gaming Community. Our group plays mostly Halo: Reach and Halo 4, and we are always looking for new members. We play as friends, for fun, and for having a good time. Everyone in the CSGC is considered an equal, distinguished only by time and experience. We vote upon and control our leadership as a whole, voting only our best into the governing Council, so that you will never feel isolated and powerless in our group. We organize our members into fireteams of 4 or 5, where individuals can find fast friends and a team to play and train with. Sound right for you? Check us out at The Camo Spartans Gaming Community Website. See what we’re made of, and join us if you want by entering the Recruitment page and creating an account with the same username as your Xbox Live profile. Play other games besides Halo? So do we! Our Community spans most modern FPS games, and even Grand Theft Auto V. Gaming not enough for you? We do machinimas too. Join now, and get the fun you always wanted out of gaming. And please, if you have any questions at all, direct them to me personally by messaging dakiowa117 on Xbox Live or emailing dakiowa117@yahoo.com. Thank you all, and I hope to see you in the CSGC soon.