looking for a friend?

hey i’m a 18 year old female looking for people to play with. hmu gt Her Axiology <3

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My GT: Victoria Stacey

SEMPERGUMBY is always looking for active players

Looking for about 3 ppl to play with in a team. GT RedaJadeLesoith. Hmu if interested. Not required anything from you just activity

looking for a clan or friends of mature people that understand that i dont have alot of time do to family and work just wanna a group that likes to have fun im not the greatest plyer but wanna get better I work 10 hours a night 4 to 5 nights a week plus spend time with my girlfriend and the kid I mainly am on early mornings late at night and sometimes in the afternoon area I enjoy all types of game for sweaty to chill gaming so come on Spartans hit me up with a friend request