Looking for a few new people to play with

Hey there, I’ve just recently gotten back into Halo. I could use a few team mates to play with though, getting tired of no team work, and communication. If you’re interested just send a friend request to That Guy1791.

You should check out Midland Base.

You can watch our intro video by clicking here

We’re a relaxed group for casual players who like to play for fun and don’t stress over knowing call outs or stress over KD ratios.

We don’t make folks change their gamer tag, call out, armor, emblem, or colors.

We don’t have a “uniform” or make folks go through “boot camp”, “basic training”, “conditioning”, or take “entrance exams”.

We only require that you not be a cheater / booster, and that you demonstrate good sportsmanship when you play.

We support Destiny in addition to all versions of Halo that can be played on XBox 360. We’ll support Halo 5 on X Box One, and Destiny on X Box One as well.

Our website

Our forums

What we offer:

  • Classic Saturday game day with group gaming in Reach, Halo 3, ODST, including fire fight and / or campaign modes depending on number of members and leaders on line.

  • Saturday Game Night in Halo 4.

  • Sunday Game Day in Halo 4.

(The game days are timed so European members don’t have to be up so late to play with us.)

  • We have a weekly screenshot caption contest

  • Weekly member spotlight

  • Map / game type forgers

  • Montage makers

  • Live stream on Twitch

  • You Tube channel

  • Grifball team, the Midland Bellwethers, registered in Grifball Hub’s Good Games League that has been active since the 2012 Spring Fling.

  • Honesty; we don’t allow cheating, and as a community we strictly comply with the developer’s rules prohibiting any tomfoolery.

  • We recently became a Destiny / Halo group - so if you intend to play Destiny when it releases in 2014 you won’t have to find another group, you’ll be able to play it AND continue to play Halo right with us.

All those interested may apply here.