Looking for a decent clan who has a laugh!

played in lots of clans in COD, currently BwZ one of the best HQ clans. but have to go back to my roots and halo is better than any other multiplayer game! My gamertag is BwZ x Soldier anyway, so let us know! :slight_smile:

Reason being is i have no1 to play with on Halo but loads on COD who dont play halo, which i dont understand because it is such a better game, help me out !

Check out xFactor, we are all about playing together in lobby’s!

xFactor Gaming Community was created on May 22nd, with the sole purpose of bringing like minded gamers together to have fun. We currently are active in the Reach Community, yet we will be making a complete switch to Halo 4, when it launches. This clan is not a very competitive clan, however we will enter the occasional tournament, never turn down a clan battle and event have our own weekly/monthly events. Aside from this, we are very active on a daily playing level. One of xFactors main goals, is to become a great place for gamers to meet other players, join in on firefights, campaigns, customs and multiplayer action. There is nothing better then getting a group of 8 players together and running a BTB lobby!

Not only do we enter touney’s and join games, we even have our own event officer, tasked solely with creating new fun events for clan members, some past events were a snipers bracket and a large hog race night. xFactor has a fully functional website with a forums. Here, we all have a place to talk about games, share our backgrounds, our experience, and interests, as well as teamwork and tactics. Our site will be the main hub of clan communication, once you join.

With our tight Marine ranking structure, there is plenty of opportunity to move up the chain of command and even become a clan officer. Officers are the key to keeping this clan running and as we grow, we will need more and more officers, with the ability to recruit and promote our clan to others. Getting into the clan now, would give you the best and quickest way to rank up, seeing as our clan is so new.

Currently, on Halo Reach we love to play Big Team Battle, Invasion, Team Slayer, Team Objective, Custom Matches and Firefight. We work as a team to help others get any achievements and group up daily for challenges. Playing alone, can get quite boring, and hard to accomplish certain things. Give xFactor Gaming Community a shot and join today.

You can contact me directly on xBoxLive or you can register at our site: http://www.xfactor-gaming.com
xFactor Gaming Community is the fun clan you have always wanted to join, so jump on this opportunity and dont let it pass you by.

The 251st could be the right fit for you. It’s sounds like you’re looking for a clan to play matchmaking and likes to have fun with it. we can certainly help you out there. If you are interested check out our site.


your not going to find a more friendly easy going, yet playing to win group out their!

sounds good fellas, drop me a friend request, BwZ x Soldier. I’ll check out websites etc and stuff aswell, cheers

sounds good fellas, drop me a friend request, BwZ x Soldier. I’ll check out websites etc and stuff aswell, cheers