Looking for a coop partner!

Hey Forum,

I’m looking for a Anniversary COOP partner since i actually never got to play the campaign via coop and i feel like i missed out in the past, i’m a huge Halo fan and would like to play with somebody who is not going to rush the levels but take there time and enjoy the game. Mics on or off that is your choice and i’m looking for somebody with a averege connection based in the UK.

If you wish to add me on the Xbox please do so.

Gamertag: XboxMinion

Looking forward to the game - X.M

uk? is america good? Southern, in the middle area. In New Mexico, but i don’t think you know where that state is.

Its North of Old Mexico.

Hey im in the uk, London to be precise, Do you wanna do some co op legendary if you want:)

Would you be able to settle for Heroic?, i can do legendary but bare in mind i don’t wish to do a speedrun of any sort :slight_smile:


If you want, I’ll go with you, doing the solo campaign on legendary and would love the co-op achievments as well.