Looking for a cool casual clan

Hey guys I just started Halo 5 this weekend after playing through the other Halo’s the past two weeks. I wouldn’t mind having a group of people to play and chill with at the end of the day to unwind. I’m not very competitive and not the greatest Halo 5 player in the world but I have fun enjoying the game and kicking it back. My favorite game modes include SWAT, Team Slayer, and Warzone. I currently live in Hawaii and have a sporadic schedule so my activity may be a bit off-putting. But I’ll most definately play when I can. I also possess a headset in case anyone was wondering! I’m also down to play MCC as well.


I am currently recruiting for my clan Messorem Umbra (Reapers Shadow) message me (RuthlessAaron94) if you are interested or if you have questions about how we operate. Thank you!

Sent you a message, but I’ll reply here as well. Check out our company nubbstompers We have players who actively play WZ and Arena. Let me know if you’re interested in joining.

few days late on this, we are on daily - our only rule is be active.

as laid back as a company can be, check us out - Shotgun Runners