Looking for a consistent squad

Hi All,

I am currently high diamond in most playlists and SR118. Like everyone else, I have my fire days and my -Yoink- ones. I am looking for three players who are willing to dedicate x amount of hours per week practicing jumps, grenade banks, map control, etc. I know this is coming in the twilight of H5’s lifetime, but I’m tryna Grind. I live in Santa Cruz, CA, so would prefer players in central California.


(THIC) Mike

I’m down to run games
I zPiX3Lz I

I’m down. I need to get back into the league

I’m down to spend copious amounts of time doing what you’re thinking of. I pretty much do it all the time anyway. If you want to catch me just add me and invite whenever.

can i join im in plat

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> can i join im in plat

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