Looking for a competitive team for Halo 4

all right first things first, I am coming back to Halo 4 after a long time away from the game, which means I am going to be rusty & and I’ll need a little bit of time to get back on top of my game, so I’ll need a little bit of patience from anyone who is interested.

also let me make my skill on this game clear, I am a decent player I by no means suck at the game, however I am no Walshy or igoturpistola at the same time. I am above an average player, to rate my skill between 1 and 10 I would say I am a 7 maybe an 8 on my good days.

I am making sure I put all this information out there to start with so everyone is on the same page when and if this happens, which I really hope it does.
another quick note: I might already have a second player for the team, they are around my skill level, but what’s more important is I have known him for over 9 years our team chemistry is through the roof, so what he might lack in skill, him and I will make up for with team work, also he is a pretty mean sniper!
I’ll post a follow up comment tomorrow letting everyone know if he will be joining me or not

Hello! Im in the same situation as you. I used to play the game non stop and used to be pretty good till school got the best of me. Im sjust now getting back into it and noticed everybody on my friends list has moved on. Add me at xxf4t4lsnip3rxx… im also looking into a group for the destiny beta

Hey, I’m looking for the same thing, HMU on Xbox live :slight_smile:

If you have all the dlc feel free to add me. wwwGODcom

Hey I am a clan co-leader for the Knights of the Round Table. I understand you would like to join a ambitous clan. We might not be the most competitive out there but we are trying to get to that point as a clan. First before we can be really competitive we need some more members that are looking to be competitive like yourself. We would love to have you or others like you. All you need is to have 12 years of age and a mic. Email me at kotrtclan@gmail.com with your gamertag I will friend you to then talk with you later. Want some more information about us check out our recruitment video: - YouTube


I’m also looking for a Team.

I consider myself pretty good, shall we guys make a Team?
Maybe take it even more far, become MLG?

So yeah, add me if you want me on your Team.
Gamertag: ForerunnerX1

I was going to post something similar to this. I’m looking for the same thing. Add me: BTK KRYPTIK