Looking for a Competitive, Instructing Group

I’m looking for a group of competitive players that is frequently online and wouldn’t mind training me to be better.

I’m looking for:

  1. Frequent games. I do not want to be alone when I am online.
  2. Good teamwork. (Mics required.)
  3. People significantly better than me. (Not hard to find, but I will not join a group that can’t help me improve very much.) If you / your team is not better than me, I’m not staying. :smiley:

My strengths:

  1. Competitive nature.
  2. Solid but not exceptional skills.

What I want to Improve:

  1. I want to transition from being good to being great. I think I am mediocre to good at most skills.
  2. Callouts (I know some maps, but on other maps I know none due to not playing with others who have mics.)

I don’t want to join a group of players who are restricted by stupid rank rules or mundane traditions and hierarchies. If a group can’t be found with my criteria, I’d still be interested in finding a mentor or trainer / better teammate. I do not mind dying to better players if the experience is for improvement. :smiley:

My playing hours: A few random late games during late EST hours throughout the week. Weekends from 11 PM to 3:30 AM each night. Over the summer, my hours will be as if every day was a weekend. :slight_smile:

Just sent you a friend request. My friends and I play Throwdown and other playlists regularly with competition in mind. Hit me up.

Hey Crom, my suggestions would be to swing by Outcast Reborn and see what we’re all about. Whether you are just looking for more people to play with or are interested in joining a clan in the more traditional sense, we’ve likely got something for you.

As for what you’re looking for; we’re a social community (active forums and XLB presence) and have parties rolling in Halo 4 and Black Ops2 pretty much every night. We cater to both competitive and casual gamers - you would obviously fit the competitive mold. 3 or more nights a week our official 4v4 team runs practices/scrims that many of our other members are involved with, if you’re interested!

  • We are an 18+ community (for membership) with most members between 20-35
  • We require no gamertag/emblem/color change, but many of our members add the OcR tag to show their pride
  • Transparency in leadership, though we do have to have some leadership to stay organized :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you’ll at the very least swing by and say hello. We have other great features like a Party Up section for scheduling games and a Who’s Online tool for finding people to play with that aren’t on your friend’s list,

Crom - you can message me here, or XBL or on our forums if you have any questions.


I sent you a friend request!