Looking for a competitive/casual clan

I just recently got into halo 5 (I am VERY unfamiliar with the game mechanics) before joining halo 5 I was playing halo 4 and halo 3 competitively. I currently DO NOT have a mic (ill get one if I must) and my shot is VERY rusty considering I am fairly new to halo 5 and I’m not use to the xbox one controller nor the halo 5 sensitivities. I’m really just looking for a group of players that know what there doing that I can practice with non-stop. I like competitive play but I’m currently not ready for it in halo 5.

Add me: icon721

MY STATS: http://halotracker.com/h5/player/icon721

Check yo inbox

Hey there icon. I have recently created a new spartan company and was wondering if you would like to be the first member aboard. If you need help I will try my very best to show you the ropes and try to guide you as much as possible through Halo 5. I also have big and exciting plans for the future of this spartan company if it ever gets large enough. If you feel like joining hit me up either on here or through xbox live and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you


Hello there icon721! We at APEX Gaming are rebuilding and re-arming our halo regiment, and we’re looking for all the players we can get our hands on to go out and play for our SC, whether they’re casual or competitive in nature. Our community environment offers a home for both of those types of players. What we can offer you is a year old community of 200+ gamers and a variety of games, with Halo once again being our newest (since it’s a re-start). If interested, in joining I’ll leave the details below so you know how to go through our relatively quick and easy procedures for joining up.

Register on our gaming forums (link above) + validate your account (by making an introduction topic to say hi & let us know you’re going to play in the halo regiment)
Join our SC: APEX Gaming Regiment

Once that’s done, you’re in. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message over XBL at APEX Wicked