Looking for a Competetive Clan

I’m looking for a competetive clan, preferably MLG. And no, I’m not looking for a competetive team in a bigger clan unless its already been formed and has proven to be successful. Hoping to find a full clan.

I don’t believe it’s fair for you to throw us under the bus by having large recruitment ads. Most potential recruits ask for basic informations, so it’s best to post with everything they may want to know before they even meet anyone and ask. They will already know the info, if they read the post. Also a competitive team within a large clan is not a very accurate description of us. We are seperated by Companies and then Platoons but the clan is all competitive. My belief is that you believe we haeve certain teams that are competitive while some of our memebrs and “groups” as you would see it are not competitive. If that is not the case then ignore those statements. I harbour no hard feelings and I wish you well in your endeavour to find a clan that is to your liking.

Yeah that was uncalled for, my apologies. I’ve just been seeing it for months.

I cannot say that we were the very first to start using large posts. I very much doubt it, but I know that ours are some of the more organized. A few smaller smalls have taken ours and changed it slightly to suit their own clan by tweeaking a word or two here or there. Now eys we in DSB mostly use the same ad with information that regard to us personnaly changed such as rank and username but our ads are quite original. Every so often the template is changed and updated and has our most recent information. If we put in the effort to make those you can tell that we actually care enough to let people know the information off the bat so they know who we are. I hope you’re having a nice day and thank you for your appology, it was quite appreciated. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if BtB is anything you would be interested in. I seen this post last night and had considered to reply, but I held off.

Be the Bullet isn’t necessarily a “new” clan, we where the Halo Division to a “super clan” a month or so ago. One of those, “We support Call of Duty, and Battlefield 3, and blah blah blah blah” types. Well we had some arguments with the clan leader, and here we are, about a month later.

Be the Bullet is a competitive gaming clan, we are still in the process of building our teams.

We have 2 Team SWAT teams (one US the other Europe)
And One MLG team (US)

Like I said though we are still putting the pieces together and none of those teams are “established” officially or “match” ready.

We are looking for people specifically, who are going to be contributing members of this clan. Who are going to put forth effort, who I’m not going to have to hold their hands the entire time to do things.

We do have rules, and we do have regulations. If you decide to join, understand that you are Voluntarily joining a clan, no one forced you to do so, and you can leave at any time, we only ask that you notify someone.

If Be the Bullet sounds like an option, hit up our site BetheBullet.net I, or somebody else is normally on our little chat room and can answer any questions you have. If you aren’t interested, best of luck to you.