Looking for a Company

I’m in need of a company, I’ve played since halo 3, my GT is o0Swaggernaut0o, I’m 17, I have a mic. Please message me on xbox if you would like me to join

Hey if your still looking then if your an alright guy/girl and awesome ! then we can have you, we currently have about 10 members but to us numbers don’t matter as quality beats quantity. And we mainly are casual but don’t mind some competitive but if you want to join then this is all we ask.
1 try being respectful as we want a nice going attitude.
2 Be active when you can as we know people have lives, work, school, etc. But please try to be active when able but you don’t have to be there 24/7 but don’t join and not make an effort aha but all we ask is if you go away for like a week or more just let us know so we don’t kick you out by mistake !
3 when/ if you try joining don’t just try joining and ignore a message from myself as before you join you going to need to talk to myself and maybe another member just to see how you are as we don’t want people using us for a req pack or just joining and being completely inactive by going away without saying for ages from home or holiday( as I said as long as we know your off for awhile it will be fine aha) or being on and plain ignoring us.
4 age 15 + maybe 14 under certain circumstances and also would like if your had a mic as easyier to talk a Kinect can be ok aslong as it is tuned right and not a horrible one, also to point out we currently are playing on MCC, 5 and soon reach and upcoming backward/ future halo titles !

Anyway hope this is alright if you would like to find out more then feel free to message me but like I said make sure you read the rules above first and if you message me on here I might not reply as fast as the page updates when I refresh plus I am in the uk and we have some people in the USA so no worries we will try playing with everyone as have a lot of spare time. but anyway drop me a message on xbox or here and I promise to replay asap catch you later but here is our group for you ! Guardians Of Solaris

We are the Spartan Company Republic of New Halos
If you’re interested in joining our military styled company, clan, whatever you want to call it message one of the 5 people below on Xbox one or on here:
>> WarChild1914
>> Ghost Wolf 149
>> Wolf HorizonS227
>> ShadowWolf 3109
>> HiddeNinja R361
One of these people will message you back as soon as they can.
All we ask is that you are
>>About 15 years old (Foul language may be used alot)
>>Have a Mic.
>>Have a positive attitude
>>Doesn’t rage too quickly
>>Can follow orders of Higher ups (in Rank, Director, etc.)
>>Can be serious and or quiet when the time comes on certain spartan company meetings
Thank you for Reading This and Remember to message one of the people above to join!
See you in the Fight!

  • Wolf Horizon227

Feel free to search Door To Oblivion on the company Search. If you like what you see feel free to send us a request.

Greetings Spartan! We are Haven’s Sword! A clan who is looking for friendly and mature people to join our two main branches, which are Military and Forge. More info about our branches can be found on our website. We try to prefect open communication and team work within our clan. Although we may be mostly a serious military clan that does raids, meetings, and bootcamps etc, we are NOT strict to the point where it’s not fun. Just like in real life, there is a time to be goofy/joke around and there’s also a time to take things seriously. One way to balance it out is through our weekly custom game nights! No clan business, just sitting back, sharing a few good laughs and enjoying the casual side of Halo. Another way to balance it out is through our Forge team.

Requirements: Our only requirements to enlist is to be at least 14 years of age and have a working mic.

Contact info: For more information about Haven’s Sword, head over to our website. (Website link coming soon) If you would like to join or have any questions, then all you need to do is shoot __YouxxGotxxOwned __a message over Xbox Live! On that note, we thank you for taking your time to check us out and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

Interested in joining a clan hmu GT DF 0VERL0RD join our one big family