Looking for a company ? Try DEA7H SQUAD

Playing for fun or as competitive as you want DEA7H SQUAD is looking for players. I’m just getting back into Halo so I’m average at the moment looking to improve. I’m happy to play all game types. Male, female I’m not bothered as long as you are mature and respect other members, no pressure to play and do well at the end of the day its just a game !
Hope the see you soon Spartans :slight_smile:

Need 4 members to activate company ! Anybody want in ? DEA7H SQUAD

Hi there Ou7Rag3. I am second in command in my Spartan Company and would like to invite you to join our Company. We are already active, so you have no need to find players in order to become an active company. If you would like to take this offer, send a request for enlistment to us. Hope to see you soon.