looking for a company to join

Left my last company due to inactivity and am intrested to see what is out there. UK based would be preferable. Play all modes (mostly arena) and am currently at Diamond/onyx level, with a positive K/D. Hoping to develop as a player with the correct people who are 18+. Will also bring along a couple more players if it turns out to be worthwhile.

If you feel like joining an active Spartan Company, You can always join Short Memory Historians. We are trying to get more active people to join us and we already have 14 strong. Give us a look at and see what you think I will send you an invite to join if you want.

we are requting , have a good spread of EU based players https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/epsilonfleet , read the post and registrer to the site first