Looking for a company [H5/HR]

Hey guys, I’m Sygma.

I am looking for a clan of any type to play with. Whether you are Military, UNSC, Covenant, or just some casual group for people to play with, I believe I would be a great addition to your group. Find my bio in the spoiler below, or, if you just want to jump in head first, message me; I am more than happy to reply to people and join you.

Thanks for your time :smiley:

I have been playing Halo since CE in 2004. In Halo 5 I have played with countless clans and still remain an important part of some. I have played with more military and UNSC clans than I remember. I am a speedrunner, jumper and competitive player. The clans that have made a significant on me as a player are:

  • Tactical Gaming - Put me on the road to competitive - Rapture Gaming - Friendly people I played with - Ninja Death Squad/Spider League Gaming - The competitive team I coached and played on. I started jumping to make up for my shortcomings. - Invictus Excercitus - Taught me that regardless of where you are in a clan, you can still make change - Company Freelancer - Such friendly people, shows you can be competitive yet -Yoink- talk your friends while you’re at it.Although my CSR, K/D, and W/L is low, I have played at Diamond-Onyx level with friends and carried my own weight. You can depend on me and ask any questions you want, regarding my background or anything else you may want to know.

hey man, i sent you an invite to my clan, the taco bell amigos, we are a casual clan, we also just started.