Looking for a coach and 3 competitive players for Drengr Esports

We are a new team coming onto the scene, We are looking for an experienced coach and at least 3 comp players. A plus if you are ranked at least onyx in ranked but not required. Coach should be familiar with tracking spawns and obj as it plays in comp settings! Coach will also have a big part in filling team slots. Thanks everyone!

Yoo I’m interested in trying out!

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I am interested in trying out to be one of the players. Currently ranked Onyx and have previous comp experience from H3, Reach and H4. Gamertag is Humble4538


Im for sure down. Let me know what times you play or are looking to so I can ensure I’m there.

GT: Bullet Lag

XBL : Zeakur

65TH ralegh FFA 375pts (onyx 1700 if that matters)

Im interested as well. Onyx player
gt: x Monk3y x

I would like to try out as well if the opportunity is still available. Thank you.


hit me up im onyx mid 1700s and would be interested in playing.

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