Looking for a clan

Hi everybody I am looking for a clan or a team to join I haven’t played much since Halo 4. I used to be on a sponsored team called pxe and I’m looking to come back

Msg me on discord @ Ueio#9087

ALL PLATFORMS, MG Eclipse Halo GREAT Community with solid members of all skill ranges. We are a fun and friendly community with a priority on recruiting and keeping non Toxic members within the community. We have Halo Tournaments and Leagues that are for MEMBERS ONLY! We have Halo Gamenights almost every day where we all get into a party together to play and have a blast! One of the most enjoyable Halo Communities you can join! Message me on discord to get started!

Final Boss#1776

MG Eclipse

MG Eclipse Discord Link.

Do you want to join The Sparta Fishstick Tribe? That is our company page but we are a clan.