Looking for a clan

I am champion Apex and I am just returning after a leave for medical reason I found my formar clan was all but disband so I am now looking for a slightly larger and active clan we’re I can work my way through the ranks I can provide my full reseme if requested on xbl I prefer to use mic and I will be active as much as possible but I do have work and kids…see u soon Spartans

Glad to have you back Spartan, We’re a small clan so I won’t try and rope you into joining since it doesn’t match your request, so just simply, welcome back and good luck!

I am not object to small clans I apologize for the confusion but I would like to play with a member or 2 so I can see if we can all communicate well and play well

Sounds good, there’s generally myself and another member or two on in the late afternoon-early evening at the same time, work for you?

Ya evening and night work best

Um…what day can you run the test on?

Mainly weekend at night

Okay, so maybe tomorrow?

Ya that works

Okay, cool

There’s a power outage in my area, we won’t be able to run the test today. Many apologies. If you decide not to even bother with the test now I understand and am sorry for wasting your time.

Not a waist and for now I’m still clan less so I’m available most night after 8pm Atlantic time

I should be able to do that tomorrow or Tuesday