Looking for a Clan

Hey all!

Looking for an active halo 5 clan for me and maybe some buddies too. I have a 1.4 k/d and a 6.0 k/da in arena overall.

Message oi noble io

Hey Noble!

If you’re looking for a nice group of like-minded individuals check out our Spartan Company here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/epsilonfleet

Hey, heard you’re looking for a clan! ARC is actively recruiting and always looking for good, friendly, active members on the halo hub. You can check us out at arcgamers.com or hit me up at anytine ! My gt is ARC Cmdr Knight, I’ll answer any questions you have and more than willing to game with you, along with any of our 200 members! We do have a forge team and a headhunters competition team if you’re interested.

UMF (United Militant Forces) are H5 and Reach Clan we are competitive and military based but also do fun stuff too, Teamwork is our #1 goal. Our motto is “Be More” which means don’t be less of a spartan, be more of a spartan.

spartansavages are looking for a few serious players just click on my name to find them or msg me

Check us out at Doomsday Gaming! We’ve been around for ten years, own a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Website. ALL ACTIVE. We hold four practices a week and are an 18 and older community. Check out our page and throw me a message if you feel you would be a good fit!