looking for a clan

im looking for a full on halo clan for all games. im not amazing an I don’t play all the time but I do enjoy playing customs as well. I play halo mcc , halo wars 1 an 2 an halo 5

check us out www.redemptiongaminglive.com i think were exactly what your looking for

use RGL Sloth XS as referral

If may make a suggestion.

Check out United Extreme Gaming, they have been an active Gaming Community within Halo since 2006 and have 600+ members and an active discord.

UEG is all about creating an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience so if thats something that’s interests you, check them out at www.ueglive.org or message me on Xbox and I can put you in touch with someone who can get you started.

Imperial Coalition is our name, and we play all sorts of games. If you have any questions about the clan we will answer. trial runs if your interested but unsure of the commitment to the clan.