Looking for a Clan!!!!

Looking for a clan that Has a Halo Related Name I preferred a Clan that has people in it that read Halo books because I like discussing Halo Related stuff add my gamer- tag: I AzureNight I

If you like sangheili clans you could join the CSF. We have a pretty good knowledge of the halo universe and our ranking tier may be soon adopted by halopedia

Just pm me if your interested

We have an expansive forum system to discuss the entire Halo universe, plus we are a Halo only group, so it has our full focus.

Most of our members read all the Halo books, I just finished Primordium and am halfway through Grasslands.

Check us out.


Check out the 251st! we have some really fun and active forums and play matchmaking alot. We were formally the ODST 251st if that counts, but we ultimately removed the ODST part to expand to BF3 and CoD as well. while I don’t think many people have read any books, most enjoy discussing it. i have read them all and would be happy to talk fiction with you. we do gamenights and forging competitions as well. Check out our site if you are interested: http://www.bungie.net/fanclub/the_251st/Group/GroupHome.aspx

How about you join the Warriors of Sangheilios. I’ll post the link to our forum below.

Our Forum.