Looking for a Clan

Hello i am looking for a clan to join so that i can have some friend to play Halo 5 with.right now i play solo and just recently started playing halo again and still a little rusty but in time hoping to get back in to halo also don’t have much time on my hand since I’m always working nights and sleeping part of the day I’m looking for a clan that’s in the pacific Time zone or at least if any clan is awake between 6:30am (pst) and 4:00pm (pst)since those are the hours i could play not looking for any serious clan just Social Play and have fun so please hit me up

If you’re considering Spartan Companies as well, check out Nubbstompers. They’re a great way to find other players to team up with, that way you aren’t struggling solo. We have members that actively play both WZ and Arena, and from all different time zones too. So there’s always someone on. Plus most of us have and use mics! We even have a WhatsApp chat to help coordinate play times and an Xbox Club as well. So if you’re interested in joining, let IIRED DRAG0NII know. Thanks and good luck!

We are more on the EST but Those hours you posted are within the time some of us play. Our company is END our leader is Wulfe Dark.

Ya! we are always down to accept active casuals.

Hello xTerrorx, Grunt work gaming is a very rapidly growing clan that is unlike any other. We have people of all skills and timezones. Most of us play arena or slayer. Check us out:

Our Website: http://www.gruntworkgaming.com/
Our Spartan Company: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/grunt%20work%20gaming
Our Facbook Page: Redirecting...
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=grunt%20work%20gaming&src=typd
WeChat website:https://www.wechat.com/

All applicants must be able to use the free phone app “wechat” to be able to communicate outside of halo and have an xbox microphone to communicate inside of halo. All applicants must also be over 18. If you would like to join us, here’s how:

  1. Send a request to our spartan company on halo waypoint.
  2. Download the phone app “WeChat” and add me “VenomcasterGWG”, then send me a message so I can set you up with everything you need.
  3. Add Venomcaster or CoOkEdYoNoOdLeS on xbox live and send us a message so we can help get you set up.

That’s it! I hope you will join us and I can’t wait to see you on the battlefield.
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I’ve sent you an invite to Fireteam Sierra Alpha, as well as a brief Xbox Live Message to get in touch.

Fireteam Sierra Alpha is focused on unlocking the helmet however we’re not as fanatical as other Spartan Companies with strict time requirements and daily lectures from leadership.

We ask that members have a reasonable level of activity in Arena/Warzone (Not Firefight) over a 20 day period (unless notifying us of planned inactivity) and that members carry themselves with maturity, and that’s really it.

We have a Discord and Xbox Live Club, and try organize small game nights twice a week, however these are optional and attendance is not enforced.

Fireteam Sierra Alpha is currently at 92% Complete for our Achilles Helmet, so whilst we have already unlocked our Armor, you’d be well on the way to getting the rarer piece if you joined up with us. If after reviewing our Company you decide we’re not the right fit for you or if you’ve already found another Spartan Company, I completely understand.



I’m still looking for a clan to join =[