looking for a clan

i am looking for a clan for halo reach or mcc i would say i am a good player i am quite but when need to i will talk

Well perhaps you would be interested in joining the Epsilon Fleet at EpsilonFleet.com! We have a great website and a place for everyone in the clan. Are you a casual player? Colonial Militia or Marines are for you! Are you a MLG player? Then the Spartans are for you! Are you a military style clan person? Then the ODST are for you!

If you are interested all you have to do is register on our website, EpsilonFleet.com!

Thank you and God bless. Have a wonderful day!

try out Snipas Empire United as we are a Military Based Clan on Halo Reach for Xbox 360 and MCC for Xbox One! We are known to be the most realistic military based clan in Halo for a long time now and we take pride in what we do. Check out our website at www.Snipas.weebly.com or message SnipaBlade(me) to enlist! thank you

Hello, my name is Mystic Havoc and I’m from the Halo 2-Halo Reach Community. I run a Sangheili (Elite) based clan, The FHT (Fleet of Honorable Tranquility) that focuses on the honor, teamwork and true devotion towards the clan…

Look at that. An ONA member rises from the past…

Good of to see you’re still around, let’s reconnect sometime. A similar thing to ONA is being run on MCC right now if you want to come back. It’d be nice to catch up. If you gave any questions message me or super.

It would be most pleasing to have an old face back in the run.