Looking for a clan

I am looking for a company that will let me join. I am a pretty young child with a possibly squeaky voice, but I love Halo. I especially like Halo 5 and I even went the extra mile to earn my Helioskrill. I have an almost 2.0 kd. I am usually on warzone and social, but I do like swat. I hope a company will see this and consider letting me join, even with my faults.

Check us out at IoN Clan! We are competitive or recreational but we always have fun! Game nights/Meetings are nightly at 6pm PST for roughly an hour. I’m usually on and I’m open to anything. Add me if you’d like.

We do a lot of Arena, SWAT, Infection, and Warzone. You will get to be a freelancer from the RvB series to so win-win. Msg me back to join.