Looking for a Clan to play any halo

So I just recently bought my xbox one in preparation but as I play it, I still want to play halo :frowning: So after a long break from halo I have returned and plan on staying on 360 till halo mcc comes out.

I’m still unsure if I want to go down the route of a montage maker or a competitive player but as of right now I’m down for anything as I get rid of the rustyness :stuck_out_tongue: How ever if I do decide to go down the competitive route it would be with an eu team only (obviously) I don’t want to waste any US competitive players time.

I’m happy to jump into a US or EU community as long as I can actually game with some of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Little info about me:

Likes to be called: Keeno
From: UK
Age: 23 ( old bugger =P )
Mic?: Yes
weekdays: 6pm- 12am GMT/BST
weekends: most of the day (though every other week I work sundays)
Currently playing: Halo 4 but happy to play any other halo (except halo 2 vista)

I don’t rage though I might have a moan now and again but generally a friendly guy always looking to improve and enjoy some Halo :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this

Edit: Anyone who does want to contact me on xbox i’ll be on pretty much all day this Sunday, thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey! You could join our community, ChaosGaming! (CG).
We are a huge group of people who just want to have fun in Halo 4.
We do custom games every night starting at 8PM EST. We also have meetings during those times just so that we can inform everyone of what is going on and what is going to happen. We also have extra curricular activities like teams for SWAT/Grifball/MLG teams that you could join to help us be the best division within our community. We have ranks in our community to show our responsiblity. All we ask is that you be respectful, have a mic, be willing to change a few minor things (in game emblem, motto, armor color) and be at least 16 or older (Name change is not required). In our community, we have over 900 members active with at least 70 members in each division, so you could make many friends such as I have. So give it a though and if you want to join, please contact MJ Greatness and say I, Psylent Chaos, sent you there and he will give you all of the info. Thank and hope you join!
We have a website that you can check out: www.360chaos.net.

From Psylent Chaos, Chaos Shockwave SGT!

Hey man i will add you today when I get home from work. If you are still looking for a team I suggest checking out Dissension Gaming http://www.dgcgaming.net/forum.php?referrerid=1340

We are currently recruiting for Competitive and Casual Halo players. Feel free to check us out or PM me if you have any questions!