Looking for a Clan to join.

Sup. I’m ZeonZz

I’m looking for a English speaking clan which is either social, competetive, military or all three at once, or any of those combinations.
I’m 18 and I live in Sweden (GMT+1) so attending to surten events clan wise can be a bit tricky unless it’s on weekends (sometimes) or on celebrations (e.x. Christmas)

I’m more into competetive Halo than social most of the times and I can play with most people weither they are young or old, good or bad at the game.
I tend to see things from various ways and my opinions of things are mostly my summed up thoughts threw all PoV’s. I can’t have a set opinion on a thing such as “Competetive Halo is better than social, we don’t need social”, I see both as good and bad.

I play the best with presicion weapons (standard competetive :P) and if I feel for it I fool around, causiously though.
I play to win and I don’t badmouth (the majority of the time…). Everyone has their pros and cons and that is how it must be accepted

I hope I’m fitting for a clan and I look forward to it if I am. :slight_smile:


  • I’m 18, European.- Prefer Competetive.- Open minded and accepting.- Pretty chill.

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Uhm…I’m not exactly sure if you want me to join or not because I can’t read nor speak spanish.