Looking for a Clan/Squad to join


I’ve been looking for a mature squad to join for a while now. I’m not sure if this is the right area of the forum to post this in, but I figure Multiplayer is a good start.

Trying to find a squad of players around 17+ years of age on average… with a little maturity… people who don’t scream into the mic, and do all the kiddie things that basically give Halo a bad reputation.

I’m not the greatest player, but I like to think that I’m decent… I usually go about +6 or +7… on occasion I’ll do really well and get +15 or something on standard slayer games.

My gamertag is “AutofireDev”

Please message me if you have an opening, or tryouts or something like that.

Hey AutoFireDev,

I am actually the co-founder of the Spirits of Fire (www.unscspiritsoffire.com). We may be just the group you are looking for, we strive for good, honest gameplay and were recently inducted into the GGN. Hit the forums link on our site and fill out an application thread. I look forward to seeing you around!