Looking for a clan, please help me...

Hey guys names Keeno I’m 23 from the UK. So basically after the release of halo I was in a clan but because of the issue with the game I decided to take a very long break and left knowing I was going to be inactive for awhile. I’m still pretty unhappy with the way the game is but I still love halo so I’m trying my best to put up with it all.

I’m looking for a community some what big enough that there is always someone on, I’m happy to play with both eu and us players too.

Into competitive? I’m willing to learn. Into casual? I’m down for a good laugh. At the moment I’m stuck In the world of rumble pit (because the game actually lasts till someone wins unless host leaves). I just want a group of people that want to play and actually finish a match because some players in this community are unreal with regards to quitting.

Anyway please give me a shout if interested in recruiting me I would really appreciate all the friends I can get for this game, thanks.

Sent you a friend request brother. Check out our site ComradeGaming.net We have a few guys in EU aswell as the US. We would love to have you


Which Console? 360 or One? If its for the Xbox 360 then message my clans leader KRAZY KOMBAT14, we’d be glad to have you!

~SOTReaper Recruiter

I’d love to join one. XBL 360: UnfoldingElf9