Looking for a clan or Group

I will not Join KSI or Dropshock or this Harry the Chin Person I want a relax clan that has clan battles and plays customs I have a K/D of 1.5? Something i’m a bit tired to check i love playin halo with people who invite me to customs not just matchmaking. So post something here plus i’m not that good right now i played to much COD but i’m just missing my sniping luck it’s all luck cya

I have just started a clan called the Sword Dancers. “Teamwork is essential” is the motto.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

What will you do with your clan do you have a website do you have any ranks and What do you do

Brothers At War is actively recruiting members. We have competitive teams and are looking to put together a few casual teams as well.
If you are interested or would like more information visit our website BrothersAtWar.net

> What will you do with your clan do you have a website do you have any ranks and What do you do
> ?

No ranks. Everyone is on equal footing (save from me obviously). No website aside form the one linked. The Sword Dancers are a new clan that are just looking to have fun and chill. The clan itself is not competitive but I cannot say the same for future members (if there will be any future members).

Detailed Information about the Brothers At War can be found here

Check out PXL gaming we are a community always looking for new Halo members we offer competitive and casual gameplay. We are also on more games than just Halo.

Our site is under construction but this is what we have so far pxlgaming.com

Feel free to contact myself, PXL Riflestud, PXL GOAT, or PXL Rayze.

Clan Six Feet Under is looking.

Check out our site at www.6feetunder.guildlaunch.com

Or come find any of the people listed below on XBL:

Crimson YuH Dig(Vice President)

Requirements: 15+, working mic, positive K/D and rank of brigadier or higher. Hit us up play some rounds with us and we will see if its a good fit for us and you.

> or this Harry the Chin Person


You could join Company Freelancer, we are a competitive clan but will always find a way to have fun. We don’t judge by K/D. We play a lot of the MLG Playlist. Here is a link to our website http://companyfreelancer.webs.com/ this will give you even more info about us. Here is our Youtube as well http://www.youtube.com/user/CompanyFreelancer/featured WK Fighter the other leader is working on our machinima currently. I post the gameplay but will start a machinima series of my own. I’ll post members clips, etc. Once I get good at using Sony Vegas I will make a clan montage. We aren’t necessarily a Military clan but have military types in the clan, we mainly stick to playing MLG Team Slayer and MLG FFA. For warmups we play MLG FFA on really any MLG Map. We have a U.S. and U.K. Division just because we have quite a few U.S. Members and U.K. Members, We do have a ranks and a set color for each rank. First Three Ranks are to see how you are with teamwork, stuff like that. The last two are all skill, and then the last rank of Freelanser You can be what ever colors you wish to have, and you will have a number of your choice as long as its not taken. Message me if you would like to join.


Hello, and welcome to The Forerunner Guard. We are a brand new clan, with about 15 members. At The Forerunner Guard, we have a very unique and original ranking system. Our ranks are color oriented forerunner ranks, along with pre titles that specify accolades you have gotten. We are mature, and like to have fun, as well as play competitively. Once we get some more members, we will be starting a forge team/group. Besides having our own forge team, we will also have squads. And with squads comes clan battles.

> How to Enlist

Step 1. Got to our website, http://forerunnerguard.team-talk.net/forum.
Step 2. Register and create a new account.
Step 3. Go to our Forums page.
Step 4. Scroll down and click on Info and Getting Started.
Step 5. Read each stickied topic in that forum.
Step 6. Click on How to Enlist.
Step 7. Copy and paste the questions and make a new topic in the Enlistments and Registrations forum.
Step 8. Check up on your enlistment, because someone will be approving or denying your enlistment.

> Requirements

-Be at least 14 years of age or older(If you are 14, you must be very mature. If you are not mature and 14, you will not be accepted into the clan.)
-Own a properly functioning headset/mic
-You MUST be mature
-Keep a respectable amount of activity within the Forerunner Guard both on xbox live and the forums.

> Once you are in the clan

You must change your emblem to Drone with no background- Non Toggled
All colors and armor combinations are completely up to you.