Looking for a clan or gaming community

As the title says I am looking for either a clan or gaming community to join. You do not have to be a Halo clan since I do have many other games that you will see on my Xbox profile.

A little about myself:

  • I am an Xbox Ambassador and Xbox United Enforcement (This is an official group run by Microsoft themselves)- I have been a Division Leader in KSI, General in XGC, and helped a friend start his own clan.- As of right now my schedule is pretty open except for when I work on Saturday + Sunday which is usually very early in the day.- I have been on Xbox Live since Halo 2 came out so lying to me about your clan will ultimately make me leave so I’d appreciate straight up facts. (Don’t fluff your numbers)
    What I am looking for:
  • A clan leader who has past clan experience (I don’t want a leader who is just winging it unless you are very fun to play with online)- A well structured clan- At least 50ish members so far in your clan- Your clan is ACTIVE (Cannot stress this enough)
    Feel free to respond to this thread or message me on Xbox Live. GT: Zeruca

(Piffin and other copy/paster people - I’m not interested)

> 2533274829610030;1:
> (Piffin and other copy/paster people - I’m not interested)

Lol, at least mine seems to be standing out from the rest! 8)

Hey Zeruca,

just a quick FYI - we are not some copy/paste halo community… but if your looking for a good halo community, come check us out at http://fcwars.net and join REDD.
We’re an active, growing community that has been around since 2006.

I hope to see you there!

GT: JamieDJ8887

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Hello! I am recruiting for a gaming community known as DHG! We have been around for over 6 years. We have over 40,000 members and we host tournaments where you can win microsoft points, xbox live gold, money, games, and more. We hacve fun game nights where you we play custom games on maps created by our forge team. We have a website www.dhghq.com by joining dhg not only do you get to participate in our events and tournaments you get discount on our associated companies. Such as discount on controllers. We always need more members ( more members more tournaments). In order to join it takes 5 minutes. You can message me on xbox my gamertag is DHG Tweety . You do not need to change your gamertag to join. But something to note we are more then a community we are a family. ( a very big one I might add :slight_smile: ) So if sounds like something that would interest you let me know


> 2533275025735129;5:
> We have over 40,000 members and we host tournaments where you can win microsoft points, xbox live gold, money, games, and more

Troll cough cough

Hey bud,

if your familiar with the div lead position you know the works of KSI. Im a leader on the X1 end of things on halo MCC. Structure, rules and what not is still the same.

Activity right now for strictly halo MCC is sitting above 150!
what was your KSI tag?
Send me a message if your long awaited return to KSI may be soon :wink:
KSI Deceptionx7