Looking for a Clan or a Alience?

Are you looking for clan? This might be the clan for you Forerunner Spartans is recruiting for new members or new Aliences. If that interests you contact xSerpent Kingx.
What information should you leave?
In order for us too know what you’re looking for in our clan or as a Alience, you should leave information such as:

  • Playstyle - Time zone - What you are hoping to get from a clan - Anything else you feel is relevantPlease limit your posts to one only and do not use this thread for conversations, that’s what PM’s are for.

Gamer tag: JW beer me
time zone: eastern
playstyle: winning

looking to join a clan to win some area and warzone. I also enjoy completing achievements trying for a 1000/1000. Right now i am at 760/1000.