Looking for a clan? Looking to start or recently started one?

Hi all,

Are you looking for a clan?

I’d like to invite you to check us out at Operation: Zenith. We are a TEAM based group on Halo Reach (but we play the other games, too). I call us a team because we do NOT have militaristic ranks that tend to cause unnecessary drama. We DON’T force you to have a certain gamertag or armor. We DON’T make you ‘tryout’ or go through a ‘boot camp’ in order to join.

We DO ask that you are mature, have a mic, are willing to use the team emblem, stay active on our website and are looking to join a fun, competitive Halo team.

Are you looking to start one or did you recently start one?

Starting a clan is REALLY tough. The beauty of Operation: Zenith is that we are established, but still smaller to where YOU can help grow the team and have input on how we grow. Even better, by joining us, you’ll be seen as equals.

Feel free to comment or PM me for more info.

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


Do you accept clan matchs?

We are currently working on our competitive team roster. At this time no, but it’s planned for in the near future.

Hello PhoenixEterna1!

Your clan offer interests me. Before I commit, I have a few questions:

How many members are in your clan?

My K.D. ratio is 0.6 something. What is the required ratio?

That’s it. I do have my place on the battle ground, but please don’t mistake me for a baby buffalo.

Zada out.

Hi, Zada. We have over 20 members actively involved in the group in one way or another. Our site says more because I don’t automatically delete someone right away if they go dormant.

We do not have a K/D requirement. Your being a 0.6 isn’t a problem so long as you are willing to work with the team and we’ll help that improve. If your K/D is low because you run straight across the field at the other team and aren’t willing to change, then we probably aren’t the right group for you. But it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

Join up, introduce yourself and we’ll be happy to team up with ya!


Hey Josh

Just sent my application to your e-mail through the Operation:Zenith website. I guarantee I do not just fly across the field in a jet pack or try to make it to the other side in a Mongoose. I tend to pick off stragglers from the other team in most game modes. Don’t expect me online till after 12.

Zada out.