Looking for a chill group of decent players

m looking to get back into shooter games, need a break from my RPG grinds. Im an average player seeking to learn online multiplayer functions and mechanics of online shooters so I can et better. I’d also love to farm the new armor req pack. I’m down for anything but I will say this, I AM NOT and WILL NOT deal wih over zealous try hards that do nothing butblame others for their lack of success. Its a game and I intened to learn and enjoy the play. My Gt is Knoah428 Im online during afternoons and evenings. Feel free to message me directly on Xbox live or send a party invite to talk further.

MG Eclipse is a premium clan that has more to offer then any other Halo clan… Tournaments every month, giveaways for active members, game nights every week throughout the week (fun customs and sweaty depending on the day) and so many active members you’ll never go a night without a fireteam to play with! Check us out at MGEclipse.Com to join (and our tournament site MGEclipse.Pro)

P.S. We only allow chill players, no -Yoinks!- allowed xD.

Hey there, check out Nubbstompers. We’ve got a solid group of active members that use mics for chatting and call outs. Which helps make it less frustrating and actually fun (what a concept I know lol). Our Xbox club and Discord chat are a handy resource to help you find other members to party up with. Which is great for building BTB/WZ/Arena teams up.

If you’d like to join or have any questions, let me know or go to the company page (Nubbstompers) to sign up.

Feel free to add me if you’d like. My gamertag is TheLegendary117 and I usually play with my girlfriend and a few friends. We win most of our games but we’re not hyper competitive either. We usually play Team Slayer, Action Sack, SWAT, and Big Team Battle. This is all on MCC by the way. We also stream via Mixer if you care to watch us play sometime