Looking for a big clan

Im searching for a clan that big and plays halo alot, trying to stay having fun till halo 4 … if theres any clans recruiting please add me on xbox - SmG TeRRoRizEd

Introduction: Hey there, are you looking to start fresh with a new Gaming community? Maybe the one you currently are in is lacking the skill, and you keep losing? Do you like Halo Reach, Battlefield3 for the console?If you said yes, I recommend reading the rest.

Hello, I’m The Marshal of the Army (Leader) for a muilt-platform gaming community called Renegade Army (RA). And I’m looking for players who have these traites:

-Capable of sticking to your assainged job.

-Serious during game play.

-Like playing as a team.

-Care about Winning.

-Can communicate effectively.

-Be productive on the website.

-And loyalty to this community.

Information: We have two branches; Computer Gaming & Console Gaming. In those branches you have divisions which are spacfic games we support in RA those are; Halo Reach & BattleField 3 for console gaming. And Minecraft & Star Wars the old republic for computer gaming. (More will be added in the future.)

We have a paid website with a chat room for you chatty types & forums as well; with interesting topics besides gaming. Rules & Ranks can be found in the forums.

Renegade Army’s goal is simple, to dominate others. We play win. On Reach we mainly play Invasion & BTB. However if we don’t have enough on, you can expect to do other game types.

If you’re not completely sure about joining as a full member, still, feel free to sign up as a Guest to join the chat & forums.

Website: http://renegadearmy.enjin.com/

(Any questions? Reply on this post, but for a faster response text me on XBL)

Ask yoursefl this question.

Do I want to join a big clan or make a clan big?

If the answer is the latter then please give us a look.


Last Faction is Recruiting:


  • Garetado (Garrett Hanawalt)
  • Frickin Wench (Sophie Anne Grant)
  • Timberjo1 (Tim Horst)
  • WxJuggernautxW (David Heston)

Last Faction was formed to represent the values of fair play, sportsmanship and friendship. Although we strive to be the very best we can be, we shall not let that get in the way of maintaining common courtesy and respect for our fellow gamers. We are dedicated to building a community of gamers who play simply for the sake of having fun. We have no ranking system; instead we are split up into divisions: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta - all of which are equal to one another. No one member or division has authority over the other. We are not based on the “typical” clan philosophy that winning is all that matters. We want everyone to try their best, and show respect for their fellow gamers. We love to win, but that’s not the point. We don’t want winning to get in the way of having fun.

If your looking to join a major clan, then this is it. Although in a short space of time it has accumulated 11 members it is still recruiting and is only just taking off. No matter your gaming style we are sure there will be something in it for you, prefer the matchmaking scene ? No problems, many members span across Matchmaking and you are very welcome to join in the fun of BTB, SWAT, Slayer and many others…

Ok so Matchmaking isn’t your thing… Maybe it’s firefight or major custom games, well that too is not a problem and with it always continually growing, gaming nights will soon be arranged. Matchmaking, Firefight, Custom Games you name it, we play it :smiley:

So you want to join the clan ? Just give us the heads up… :smiley:
Or hell just find us on the “Last Faction Gaming” group facebook page…

Everyone is allowed to join in, take part and have fun… so here is the first line up
This weekend (IF nothing goes wrong and get enough members wanna take part… BTB SWAT Custom games will be taking place on Halo Reach this weekend) Ya wanna join in the fun ?

Just add me on Xbox, say something here and i will do your dirty work or head on over to facebook and just let us know “WOO I WANNA PLAY!”

If there is anymore gaming sessions going on, o’ll let you know and if you wanna join… let me know :smiley: My xbox friends list is pretty empty so alot of room for all you gaming peeps to get in on the action