Looking for a active halo comp that needs both ach

I’m looking for a active company that still needs both Achilles piece and doesn’t require a lot to remain in company

shotgun runners<----- Try here

Warn you tho, theres like a whole load of tests and trials you need to pass to get into the company…

just playing.,… click, request to join, welcome to the team. we are close to armor and need more active players if you know anyone else. around ~93 members currently

Join Mass Extinction we are very close to Achilles Helmet and are looking for active players!

Hey man, check my company out. Working to get both ACH armor. Pretty laid back and easy to remain in the company. All we want is active players to game with. Check us out VictriX m0rtalis. I’ll go ahead and send you an invite. If you choose to join just accept, if not, add me and we can game!