Looking for a 4 player SWAT squad

Hey I’m looking for a 4 player squad that specializes in SWAT. We will play very tactical but I will promote fun behavior, we may do rounds pistol only, camping only, mass tea bagging, etc. practice will vary, you should be available most of the time and I can should be able to contact you easily for unforeseen matches. You should be able to pop head shots fine and can keep a positive k/d spread. I don’t want to play with kids that sound like their 10, teens and older. There are no rules for uniforms or emblems. You need a decent mic, preferably a surround sound one that will help you play tactically. If you suck as a gamer/person you will be kicked from the squad. Contact me @friedrice007@gmail.com with name, age, gender, sr rank, and gamer tag if interested, first come first serve, thank you.