Looking for 3!

I am looking for 3 very active players (of all ages but preferably 14+) that have a mic and xbox one (to play Halo MCC obviously.)

Below this is a set of small requirements that will better your chances of being picked up incase their are a lot of potential candidates. Keep in mind everyone is eligible if they reply to this post, but having these will make me feel all the more comfortable with you if I do end up asking for you.

Before i get into that however, I just need you all to know, I was apart of CLG (Counter Logic gaming) and have gone to many lan tournaments before i ended up quitting to focus on real life. Now that i am back I’m looking to maybe start my own team if things do kick off. For right now i am apart of a 150,000+ subscriber team called RedReserve as a team manager and partner. I do mean business and am hoping to pick up some great players.

REQUIREMENTS (again not needed but advised.)
Be 14 years or older
Play halo at least more then 3 times in a given week. (if you have a job, work hours will be accounted for and training days can be flexible.)
(THIS IS A MUST HOWEVER) Must own a Xbox one with a copy of Halo MCC.
Have a mic or be in the process of getting one.
Have played in Lan tournaments or tournaments (GB’s don’t count as tournaments.)
K/D higher then 1.0
Have partial experience in team communication.
The trust in giving away Skype contact information or phone number if necessary in order to keep in touch with other teammates. (Don’t worry all recorded data will be kept safe from potential threats.)

If you have any questions you can quote to this forum post and even get in touch with me personally on twitter @TerrorNV. Hope to see some awesome responses if not messages. :smiley:

If these go against the forums rules in any way I apologies in advance. Please don’t take the post down just let me know and ill be more then happy to change it.