looking for 2v2 teammates

I am a decently skilled player who has a thorough understanding of how the game flows and works… im currently a trueskill 29 in 2v2s and am looking for anyone who has expierience and some good strats that we can use… I am very versitile player, i can take control of a game or be a team player

If you want to play some 2v2 party teams msg me on xbox live

GT: VacantPoppy22

I will play with you and try to teach you some stuff. As long as you know the basics of “high level” aka rush/banshees scorpians/gauss

ask around in community creations or recruiting

Actually no, if you’re looking for teammates your best bet is to post in the halo wars forums like you’re doing. No halo wars players will look anywhere else. It’s sad but true :frowning: