Looking for 2 skilled players.

Me and my friends have a team and we compete in the weekly hcs cups. But 2 of my friends went away to school so we are looking for replacement hmu on xbox if interested

I’m really new to competing. I have never been in a legit team before so I barely know any callouts and am willing to learn if you guys have the patience. I play solo in arena, so I’m only ranked in the mid Diamond range for team arena and slayer. Maybe I’m not good enough for the hcs cups, but I guess it’s worth a shot to ask you guys? I have always wanted to have dedicated teammates to practice with.

Definitely interested if you guys still have room. Been playing halo competitively since halo 3 so I know the ropes. Consistently place onyx every season in slayer and arena and the only reason I can’t get champ is because I don’t run with the same team every time (mostly hop around playing with other randoms I met online). I’m a very team oriented player, thus I play for the win and not for myself. If you are interested my gamertag is Pikajevv (two v’s).