Looking for 2 players to make a pro circuit run

Hello everyone! My GT is Ronald McJihad and my friend and I are looking to make a HCS pro run and we are still looking for 2 other players. A couple of requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Able to hold your own in a 1v1
  • Team player
  • Know some of the callouts (Not really that important in my opinion most of the time you’ll have another team mate with you or one of us will have an angle on you)
  • Must be able to take sarcastic remarks and laugh at them.
  • and most importantly must be able to have fun even when losing

These are just a couple of things we are looking for. The rest of them will come when we actually get the team we are looking for put together and then we will be able to work out the others. If you are interested please send me a message over XBL for a quick reply or on here for your convenience.

(For the “try outs” we will be running a mixture of game from ARENA to BREAKOUT. For the majority of the time we will be running ARENA. Breakout is just for fun.)