Looking for 2 more to compete in Halo 5

An xbox live friend and I have been playing Halo together since Halo 2, and we have been playing competitively since Halo 3, even got invited to an MLG tournament for Halo 3, life circumstances did not allow our team to go to the tournament however. And now that we have both played the Halo 5 beta, we feel like this is the game for us to shine, it is our kind of gamestyle, that we could stand out above the rest, but in order to compete we need two people. We are looking for more experienced players if possible. We are both attackers, supporters, can use the sniper very effective but not the best snipers, but our teamwork together is incredible, and almost always have the most assists on the team, as well as our shot accuracy is above the rest sitting aroung 50%-65% in the Halo 5 beta, where most peoples accuracy was sitting at 40%-50%. We both know what it takes to compete at a higher level, a team that works to play to win, not a teammate that works for his K/D. We would hopefully find a main slayer for our team, and or a very good sniper, if you are one of those looking for a dedicated team to compete in HCS and more, hit me up.

We would like to practice and train and ready our team on MCC to build that cohesion of a team, and to compete in Halo 5 as soon as it comes out. We want to work on strategies and so forth, if interested either post here, PM me, or hit me up on Xbox live iTz Mop Up Marv.

Thanks for your time reading this!