Looking for 2-3 People to run Ranked: Open

Hey all,

Looking to play with others who are trying to get that shiny Onyx back (or any rank for that matter) since the rank reset. Running solo is rough as I’m sure more than a few of you are familiar with haha. Reply on here or add me on Xbox. Thanks and looking forward to playing with you guys. If this is the wrong spot for this my b just let me know where to throw this.

GT: Swagzilla Nasty

The infinite legion is an upcoming clan.
We play HI, H5, MCC, and Elden ring, among other games.

We have active competitive players, hunting Onyx rank.
if you are interested to join send me a discord msg. I´ll contact you through Xbox msg.
Discord: Zedrik#4915

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Hey man, I’m pretty new to discord but it keeps saying that it can’t find your profile. My discord handle is:

Swagzilla Nasty#3454