looking back at halo 4....

I don’t know about you guys, but to me I feel like halo 4 has come and will soon be gone… not because of “OMG THE POPULATIONZ IS LOW LOL THAT MEANS ITS DED TROLOLO”… I mean since theres already a new xbox And halo game being announced… so lets look back on all the good and bad moments we had with this game… The purpose of this thread is to list the pro’s and cons of what people thought of this game… Personally I thought this game wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be even though it does have some bugs and -Yoink- PERSONNAL Ordinance… but I digress… I thought that this game was a not bad combination of Halo 3 and reach 9alittle too much on the reach side0… now that you know what I think… tell me some things they added you liked or made you want to smash your face onto your grunt computer monitor.

I wont remember this game

Not really sad to see this game go, and I probably wont even see the next game. Don’t like the direction it took, same goes with the direction Xbox One is going.

GTA 5 will probably be my last Xbox game, then it’s all PC and maybe PS4.

We still have 3 months until the Xbox One launches and even then, Halo (5?) won’t even arrive until sometime late next year. On top of that, most people will NOT buy a next-gen console until prices go down or some good games come out for them. Halo 4 still has at least another year-and-a-half of life left.

I will not miss this game. No offense to 343 but I think this game could have been alot better if it had a beta. It has potential to be a good game but it’s not sadly. But I will say this though, 343 has stepped up their game which makes me really exited to see what they do next.