Looking at the bigger picture

With the reactions I have scene and the threads I have noted on our new game, I too want to share my input on the release of the game’s trailer/demo.

Its understood that at first my eyes could not capture the game for what they were trying to show us. Because of all the build of anticipation of something jarring in terms of next gen, some of us including myself lacked the initial capability of looking at the bigger picture.

Even with this being a early build/demo, for me, its enough to say its an amazing drop, I would be playing it right now compared to any other title. Why? Because, once I saw the bigger picture I realized the graphics/art style is very well executed. The demo was short and sweet, I’m sure 343 will make some changes after hearing everyone’s responses one way or another.

Furthermore, as we continue to provide support for our new game, in all, I believe the gameplay demo/trailer was fantastic.