Looking at starting a semi pro team

Alright, i tried this before but I’m gonna do it again. I would like to put together a semi-pro team and try and compete this year. I work till 5 pm est time but I will be on at about 6 I would love to compete this year. Anyone interested add me on Xbox LamaKing21. The team would also all work together to pick a name and build a team ready to compete in tournaments when we can and also willing to work together and build as a team.


If you are still looking for players I’m interested to run some games and see how we work together. Eastern time zone I normally get off around 930pm if that’s not too late. Looking to get into the comp scene and run opens. Onyx 1588 if that means anything. Have comp exp from halo 3 and reach

If you have spots open I am willing I get off at 9:30 too I’m a halo vet been plaything since the beginning never competed in tournaments but always play comp my GT is MYST3R1OO hit me up

I also get off around 6 EST. I’m low onyx now and I’ve never been on a team before. But I’ve been watching a lot of HCS and CDL. I am looking to work with other like minded players to compete and get onto the tournament scene. I’m a good teammate and can be coached too, let’s build up those HCS points!

Alright, I’ll add some of you guys this week sorry got caught up in homework and forgot to check back on this post. I would like to run some matches with a few of you and see what we come up with I’m thinking Friday around 7 PM EST. Add me on Xbox and we will go from there.

I’ve dreamed of playing Halo in tournaments, but it’s sadly not something I have the capacity to do at this time.

Good luck, y’all! Here’s hoping we get to see you on some major streams!

Thanks, man and even if you just need a team to run with add me I’ll be down to run non-comp


Still have any room? Been playing halo since halo 3, infinite is really bring it out of me though. Im not that highly ranked YET but i ranked Gold 4 and now im at Gold 6. Im really trying to dip my feet in the competitive side of halo so if you want to message me my GT is O Zun No Tsu

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Sorry guys I’m gonna have to back out of this I’d still be down to add some guys to run teams but had some family stuff come up so won’t have as much time now as I was hoping.

Dear LamaKing21,

I am sorry! That said even if you gamers don’t do any competitions this year use this year to learn how you all play together and work on helping out your week teammates so they can be stronger. I am no were near Simi pro level however I can commit to being coached and learn to run as a team. I don’t care if I fail to make it on to the main team I just want a group to hangout with on halo that doesn’t have the “job” feel that so many clans have.

My Gamer tag is: TigerWarrior XD