Looking 4 ppl to beat co-op legendary games

Looking for players that wanna beat campaign or even spartan ops on legendary.
Already done all the spartan ops and campaign on solo legendary, but i really wanna have co op cleared on legendary.
I failed to do it on reach since most friends i made were just passer bys, byes? and most my rl friends like with this game, quickly got tired and moved onto the next game.

If youd like i wouldnt mind going back and playing reach on co op legendary as well, but thats only if you want me to do that. Im mainly looking to get it done on halo 4.

I’ll do campaign or spec ops.

Gamertag = xRDAx xSEK3N

I sent a friend request but since i cant leave text but only a voice msg, donno if ull listen to it.
Just wanted to make sure u knew, and that others know that i consider daily challenges and new spartan ops a priority over co op legendary but otherwise just msg me and ill drop what ever im doin.

Its up to you what missions and or spartan ops you wanna get done first.

Im also down for quick non legendary spartan ops if its any of the ones i havent even done co op on yet.

I’m trying to do co op on legendary,

Add me: PNY xdeceptionx

Yeah, I’m up for any chance to get Campaign/Spartan Ops nailed on Legendary, so count me in. GT: Richard 060

I’m in the UK, but I can get online pretty late - just lemme know what time you’re planning on playing, so I can work out when I need to be online.

(Top tip we used in the Vidmaster days: fix a time you want to get online, then get a team fixed for the duration of that session. You’re much more likely to get a full squad to play with you that way!)

Hey I’m interested in helping. Can you send a friend message to me, because I might forget. Also I’m usually on during the weekend so just give me a call(a text) when I’m on. I really want to finish spartan-ops on legendary and also get the achievements for both if possible.

I’m down for sure. I sent out a few friend requests to you guys… I’m usually on after 5:30 Pacific time during the week and randomly on the weekends but if I ever pop up shoot me an invite and let’s do it! Anybody else out there that wants to do some co-op send me a friend request @ DrydenLong

Im tryin to beat Campaign on legendary Co op add me or message me to play anytime Rodney1505

Hey all!

I love doing co-op legendary for Campaign & SpOps.

I’m off school & work for the next month, I live in central time zone (CST/US).

send me a friend request or session invite whenever you guys are playing.

Gt: Marmot 1333

hey same here guys on mostly all the time at the moment need to complete last 3 mission of campaign and all of spartan ops on legendary add me CounterDoughnut



i’m up for some co op spartan ops on legendary as well. my GT is my username here. IIM1K3 D1ZZL3II <—the i’s are 1’s.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys. Just sent everyone a friend request, i think a couple of you already sent me friend requests.

Im usually trying to get challenges done so if im in the middle of trying to get something done that i know i can, but might be limited due to time, those challenges will take priority over anything co op related since challenges and messing with playlists i dont usually play on is the only thing keeping me entertained atm.

I was gonna join a clan but that kinda fell through, then i heard there was a price cut on halo 4 which looks real bad, its only 40 bux now if u wanna get it on amazon.

Anyways just msg me, or send me an invite and ill try and reply to let u know im busy or ill just join.

If anyone wants to set a date for us to meet up and get it done with 3 or more players we can try and schedule something so lets just use this thread for any dates we wanna try and schedule, if anyone one wants to do that of course.

I’d be down for co-op legendary campaign and spartan ops.

Can i join because i really want mark iv armour
Im able to do it about 6:00 to 8:00 in the UK
For america thats about 12:00 to 2:00

GT: BottledGerm

im down add me Innatewaif8

Pitchblackfire, how about 12:00 central america time, thats 6:00 UK time

sure add me

I added you innatewaif