lookin for spartan company

I’m looking to join an active competitive Spartan company wanting to rank up. also for playing game battles tournys and ladder matches.

Bruh, we got what you need in IoN, plenty of competitive ppl who love to play halo and win. Plus we’re active as hell.

Hey there JC, I would like to offer you a spot on the company Fable.

Fable is a newish company so we may not have the members right now however I can assure you that in the future we will have active members, tournaments, clan battles, and much more. I myself have previous experience in leading a company moderately successful company (80+ members at one point) and I will use that knowledge to make this one even better.

I hope you join us or at least consider us an option in your Company search. If you have any questions or concerns then please let me know.


Hey there, feel free to check out Nubbstompers. We’ve got a solid group of members that actively use mics and that play pretty much everything. To help you find a crew of active players to team up, we use our Xbox club and WhatsApp chat to help members avoid going in solo. As a bonus, we hold community wide events like customs tournaments to bring the whole group together. So if this is something you’d be interested in joining let me or IIRED DRAG0NII know.

Infinity Command is now recruiting and we are looking for skilled, dedicated personnel to join it’s ranks.

Currently the 602nd Marine Division is open for new members.

Infinity Command is made up of the following units

  • High Command
    – Spartan II
    – Spartan IV
    – 509th Marine Expeditionary Unit :
    — 602nd Marine Division
    — 105th Shock Troops Division

Joining the Infinity Command will grant you access to :

  • Military based training - Operations against other clans and with other clans - Website with forums - Discord server - Spartan Company - US and EU members meaning players online at most timesInfinity Command is UNSC Military clan. Originally started in 2013 and recently rebooted we are aiming to set a mark in the Clan Community and be one of the leading clans.

To join head to http://infinitycommand.enjin.com/marineapplication and fill out the application today , you will be contacted by t he staff shortly after submitting the application thru xbox live.