lookin for friends who play halo reach!xD

hey everyone my GT is Im 4EvA Chaos and im lookin for friends who play halo reach and are laid back like to have fun and enjoy hanging out message and add me on Xbox live if ut intrested:D also on another note how bout this new game type for infection Zombie Ghosts in my opioion its stupid and has no point

Hey, want to be part of a small, elite team? Well look no further, Helljumpers is a halo clan that has been with the series since the halo 2 days.

Currently, we have 2 members. This is due to members losing interest in xbox and other unspecified reasons. Right now, Our 2 members are people who have been in the clan since the beginning, so we are dedicated.

Leader: x Prime Jarhead
Primary Position: Rifleman,

Co-Leader: vMagnesiumShock
Primary Position: Sniper, Turret

As of right now, we are looking
for 2-6 More recruits.

Requirements to try-out:

  • Minimum 14 years of age,
    maximum 16
  • Xbox live gold.
  • Xbox Mic
  • Own 2 Halo games


  • Make sure you have minimum requirments
  • Minimum 3 games online, maybe more
  • Team Decision

What we look for:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Do things that benefit the team, not yourself
  • Anything that sets you apart from the average player

Message me on xbox live if you are interested in the team.
As of right now, I am on a relatives account due to my account running out of gold. I will be back on my usual account shortly. Message me at: XElmOs dOmAinX

-Feet First into hell